Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Thursday morning

I’d lay in bed and watch the deer several times in the night and then this morning.

It was so cold when I got up. -30 Celsius. I put off getting up for as long as I could, which of course, and the house was even colder.

I came out and took a couple pictures and stoked the fire. I Took down the rod for the curtains in the kitchen, to smooth out all the bumps for maker so hard to open and close the curtains. Are used my carving knife and the giant sander machine. When I took them back I put two sets of curtains on the end of the house. I think that’s where the wind comes in the worst, even though it’s isn’t coming through doors.

I did the second rod and put it up too. They look quite nice now, and they’re very smooth. That took me quite a while to do. Then Bo called and needed a boost, so we went over there for a little while. Afterwards, I wanted to go for a walk, but my ankle wasn’t feeling very good. Willem went to town, I fucked some laps around the deck. It was too cold to sit out there. I’m pretty good with the cold, but not this.

I wanted to sit and watch Netflix or YouTube, so put it on the counter in the kitchen. I swap the dining room table and the chair. Now the table won’t be in front of the heater. We have the heater on for a bit in there today. Last night, Willem had to taps running.

It’s called is supposed to stay for a week, they say.

I had a hard time getting comfortable, and warm at the same time this afternoon. In the end, I have the TV in upper bedroom, and me on the chair reclining.

Carrie and Koerber came over today. They were playing hockey on fiddlehead hand. I certainly hope the ice is thick enough!

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