Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Friday morning

Wm turned off the outdoor light when he came to bed last night.

There was a few deer at the bowls out the door, my sleeping view. But I couldn’t get a good photo. I wore my knee socks to bed and left my skirt on my shoes so I could just step into them. It was -25 outside, balmy compared to the -30 we’ve seen for several days running.

So it’s time to light the fire. Sitting in front of it is quite nice!The coals as they looked when I opened the stove. The ashes pulled out from under the coals. After spreading the coals. Sitting in front of all this heat is HOT!!With wood the coals are eating alive!! So my work here is done!!

I Puzzles from the reuse without all the pieces go in the garbage!! Unless a mobile is needed!

I’m going to go down and snow blow the quad aqua car trailer. Yesterday Koerber and his dad Gary came over and skated on the fiddlehead pond! I think they could make the surface smooth if they used a pipe and whipped it back-and-forth through the a hole in the ice.

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