Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Snowblowing the moat road.

I thought Willem wanted to go to the temple this morning, so I tried to do as much as I could before we left.

But then I realized it wasn’t our day, our week, and he needed to do some timesensitive stuff on the computer.

Good thing. I was way too tired to drive to Toronto today. I haven’t been for a walk in a week and a half. Every day there has been a reason I couldn’t go down there and walk. Many days were involved with travelling to the temple, our sons, the funeral, and just regular stuff around here., Not to mention Christmas visiting and baking.

I miss being in the temple, but when it’s this terribly cold weather, I don’t feel good about turning off the water and leaving the heaters on and leaving.

Our electrical bill is going to be way too high. I would rather not go when it’s this cold. When it gets cold in the house, it gets into the bones of the house, and it’s skeleton.

Once the cold is into the depths of the house, it gets into the clothes and the towels and the bedding and the floors in the bathroom and everywhere in the house has cold pockets.

So when you heat it up, those cold pockets don’t go away for quite a while. So, for that reason, since we are coming back while it still bitterly cold, I don’t want to do it that way.

Now if we were going to Florida and turned off and drained the water, and left the heat on very low, and didn’t come back until it was warm outside, then it would be different. The cold pockets would have warmed up. Or they would just stay cold.

The Blue Jay is sitting in the tree outside the window. I guess I should put some food for him right there. I love watching the birds!

So once we had finished making a video while having breakfast, a really nice little breakfast and doing a jigsaw puzzle, I figured it was time to bite the bullet and get out there and clear a path way on the quad aqua trail.

I wore my two pairs of socks and crocs, which stayed dry and protective enough while I walked behind the snowblower.

I even had a warm pink scarf on over my Lands End white down filled coat and hood my Mom gave me. I was able to snow blow through the edge of the snowplough Dyke, where I had blown through it before. I couldn’t believe all the deer tracks! There were so many more than there were before.

I was able to drive the blower in first gear and blow all the way past the first tipi and fiddlehead pond, passing Jopi tipi. where I turned right at teardrop point and and headed around the moat. It was easy to snow blow where I had already snow blown before. There’s a lot of snow to either side of that path now.

I passed iceberg upon entrance, and made my way all the way around for a tip overflow calm, where the snowplough was able to go over. I’m in the snowblower.

I didn’t get wet, and I it’s frozen there. My tracks to look a bit damp in the bottom though. I passed out older TP, and then hit a rock which killed the whole math motor and a sheer pen. Drat! I went to an altar TP, the only time

I got snow in my shoes, and sat inside and send a message to dad.

I let him know I needed to shear pin. Of course, I had not left the sheer pins and my tools all together for him to find

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