Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

To town and Scarletts

It was too cold outside, too dark In the upper bedroom, too cold in the family room, so I sat by the woodstove and watched a movie, The Climb, up Everest.

I loved it. What a happy uplifting hopeful video.

When Willem said he needed to go to town, I thought it was a good idea to go to giant Tiger and get some better curtains, as the temperature has been hovering around -27 for a few days, going down to -31 the other day. We have another whole week of it, too! Well it sure beats rain and freezing rain!

i got some little gloves, some chocolate mints, some big containers of ornaments, a proper clock, food, a sled, bleach and a few odds and sods.

It was so cold. I was glad Willem put everything in the car for me.

Afterwards we went over to the kids’ and visited for a bit. Ben had sent over some paper for her. It’s just so nice to be nearby! She watches two deer. They come to her feeders all day long.

Tiny and Moe. I want to hang out and watch them with her. We didn’t arrive home till ten. It was too cold and I was too weary to hang up the curtains.

We watched another Midsommer murders episode. I have take. To watching them twice and writing down their names.

Sometimes it’s warmer to sleep with the bedroom door closed. I think it’s better to leave the living room door open yet. It was so hard to warm up the house last night. The cold was creeping around the chairs.

The deer ate all the feed while we were away.

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