Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Saturday New Year’s Eve eve

I didn’t wake up till 8:30, what a Slacker; The bowls of Deerfeed were empty.

That’s the sparrow and the junco. Yesterday the juncos looked like 500lb overweight junco, his feathers were so fluffed our!There was a light dusting of snow on the deck. The Blue Jays scared away the white throated sparrow‘s, and the juncos who kept sticking their heads up out of the bowl.

I didn’t have enough deer feed left for the long weekend, so thought I had better get some in town today

I lay there and watched them for a while, bracing myself for the cold that would hit me when I got out of the bed. I had my shoes right there, as well as my socks. I didn’t even attempt to get out of bed till I was properly clad in layers!

I stoked the fire and left the ashes and coals In the ashes been beneath the woodstove.


Now that I have snow blown the lower trails, it was really appealing to go for a walk! I thought there’d be a Walking stick cane in the cars, but I didn’t find one. I did, however find Desmond’s snow pants in the trunk of the car! Oh dear! I should take that back right away! I wonder if they have not gone places because they didn’t have snow pants!

So to walk, I abandoned my crocs, just this once, because of the dusting of snow. I didn’t want to get snow under my heels. I was pretty good yesterday while I was snowblowing, and only got snow into my crocs when I stepped into the snow that had slid off Alder Tipi.

So instead, I wore my white boots. The traction on them it’s not as good as the crocs, but there is no ice right now. So they will grip just fine enough on the snow.

. But before I did anything, I wanted to go for a walk, and so off I went! I wore my white coat and used one of those big Red mitts with the scraper inside, as a mitten. I thought I could keep my phone in there with my hand, so it wouldn’t die.

I also wore my red scarf so people could see me on the highway. Having a white camouflage coat is great when you want to sit and wait for the animals, but it’s not so great if you need help and nobody can see you, or if you’re walking alongside the road.

I found a walking stick, which was in Jopi tipi. I was surprised at how much more power I had while using that cane than without it. It was so much easier on my back to stand and walk upright!

I didn’t realize that I had left my phone in the house when I left. I stopped by fiddlehead pond, at Joe pie TP and left a pair of mittens, and extra pair of crocs, a blanket some hand warmers and some tea light candles in there. I found a walking stick in there., too.

I guess I went for a long walk around the moat and trails to the bridge and on the highway to the bridge. I was tempted to go into the gypsy cabin, now that I have cleared the pathway right up to the door, almost.

I carried on to Alder tipi, my heavy bag of emergency supplies which will stay in there, were a bit heavy. I had handwarmers and a body warmer as well as a blanket and crocs and mittens to leave in there. I sure do need these things.

I also left three small tea lights in there yesterday when Willem was in there. I noticed that he had put the door way back as well as he could Yesterday when he had come down to help me with my snowblower. I couldn’t start it without help.

I just tossed my bag of supplies in, and replaced the doorway. I wanted to sit by the stream. The wooden folding chair was upside down in the snow, with the front edge of the seat covered in ice, snow and frost formations. I guess the deeper into the snow the front was, the more moisture condensed against the metal. It had likely been warmed by my sitting on it before I turned it upside down in the snow the other day.

The stream is completely closed now. Frozen over. I wondered what the otters and the mink Will do. I suppose they will just go into another pond, and not hang out in the stream where the access is so limited. I wonder how long a mink or an otter can hold its breath.They play under the water. They must be able to hold their breath a long time.

I crossed the stream, wishing I had my phone so I could take photos. I sat on three chairs along the Stream. It was great to have this path through the woods to the stream, along it and then out through the lovely Balsam firs.

That walk tired me right out! I decided I’d go to get feed, return the snow pants and then go to the dunk then yo Scarlett’s to watch her deer!

I’m in town getting feed. There were lots of deer here last night. All four bowls emptied twice! I bought peanuts for Sammy, too.

Gona come home and catch the dump. I have to drop off some snow pants at Alida’s.

I went to the dollar store where I spent a long time looking at all the items for sale in the store. I was quite surprised at all the useful things they have there. It reminds me of Woolworth and grants. We had them in our shopping centre egrb I grew up.

I lost my phone and keys at dollarama.

Then I went to Alida’s. I playedorangutamgs.

I went over and watched scarlets We were making emotional cimfod

Went to Scarlett’s. We watched midsomers and I took names to try and figure it all out.

I wove on the pink fabric upstairs then we did a jigsaw puzzle together.

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