Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Nursery leader

The most I had the most wonderful time this morning.

I am the nursery leader! I don’t know Evelyn, my one little nursery child, but I am getting to know her. There is supposed to be divisions in the time in nursery, no greeting time, play time which is the biggest part, snack activity lesson on closing anyway and so Owen music time so I ended up getting music from the library, and I had it playing in the background. I folded the blankets up and put the pillow on it and put it underneath a fort which I created out of a bunch of baptismal clothing bins that are stacked up in the nursery.

I will certainly thirsty! It’s a dark little room, with the curtain closed. I felt cut off at some point. I will have to rely on heavenly father in order to do a good job and this calling. Otherwise, it will just be babysitting. That won’t be any good. I think the reason we are given callings in the church, is because we have to really lean on the Lord in order to accomplish them. I don’t think I leaned on the Lord enough in really society.

The tux in church for wonderful. I spent felt the spirit, and I learned more about the mess that we get ourselves believing that don’t help us spiritually. When Goodwin he said was the I’m too bad to repent. Or God wouldn’t want me. Anyway that’s a myth. When we repent for all perfect. He said something about perfection to was that we just need to be your best self.

I think it would be good if I brought a snack and juice. However, I think she brings her own snack and juice. So that’s OK I don’t need to worry about that. There was a page in the manual to give to the parents. So I had to Kathy copy it and I gave it to Evelyn’s dad. It’s all about making your trial think good things about nursery before they get there. And different rules like I don’t change diapers. I like that rule out LOL.

Releases Cytie priesthood wasn’t over at one but I had already tidied up the room and put everything away inAnd packed up. And Lynn had her boots on and was already to go, we had finished everything. But then at 1 o’clock, nobody came. But I felt that it was 1 o’clock so since there was only one, I would deliver her dad. I got to be in the last 10 minutes of priesthood relief society! I didn’t realize that would work.

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