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Great walk at -18c

On our way home from church, I was wearing crocs, knee socks, and address.

That’s it. No layers, no total protection from the weather. I was wearing my white Parka though, so took some mittens and a few more supplies and headed off inti the lower entrance. I had to stop in balsam Grove, where we hear the veerys, and take a picture. My phone dies if it is exposed to the air for more than just a minute or two.

The views were so beautiful! The missing Stream is completely covered with snow and ice. The alders are bare and interesting looking. I discover birds nests in them sometimes. I walked along the path by the stream, so grateful for Nancy yesterday who snow blew a path. It was awesome to be able to use my crocs to walk, and not to have to worry about getting snow in under my heel. I stood in the Stream view pull off I blew the other day and appreciated the scene. It was too cold to stop and do more than take a picture. .I carried on across the bridge and enjoyed the feeling of being there. It was -18, so quite crisp clear fresh air.

Such gorgeous blue shadows! I just love shadows on the snow!

I stopped in the Alder tipi and put all my extra supplies in the plastic bag. I lit a small tea light, and tried to start a campfire. It didn’t work. But I was able to put it on my lap and take off my mitts and warm-up my frozen fingers. I had two layers of mittens on. I guess -18 is no joke.

I tried to start a campfire, but it just didn’t work! I closed up the tipi when I left it so more snow wouldn’t go in the round hole.

I had snowblown up onto Horseshoe Island to the tipi , so I followed deer prints on the pathway. I need to take my handsaw and remove two other branches that are leaning down where I need the path to be.

In the Horshoe island tipi I again lit a tea light. I sat it in the Hamic which is quite high on the poles at the moment,

ook off my gloves and warmed my frozen fingers. That was a very good idea!

Afterwards, i followed the path back out to the mode. I stood and looked at them out for a few minutes, once again impressed with how beautiful it was out there. Every season is gorgeous.

I walked around the moat to the gypsy cabin. I was curious and excited to go visit in the gypsy cabin. I had blown the way along side the gypsy pond, but had to walk through not blown snow to get to the door. I’m going to build a bridge there. I have cedar posts, short ones, that I can use for supporting a few planks so we can have a nice path to get there easily. I can probably do that soon as I have access to those posts and planks at the moment.

There are tracks leading under and likely inside. Probably a mink, or an ermine or a weasel. Weasels are a bit dangerous if cornered, so I was a little worried about going inside.

Do something every day that scares you, is my motto. So naturally I went inside.

I first lit the candle, Having been down there a few weeks ago and discovering it and how well it heated up the little area just around my hands, and put the door in front of the opening. I need to bring my drill down and put that door on properly. Maybe Willem will help me and I can screw it on while he holds it in place. Or maybe, I should just take a little shim with me.

I swept the walls and corners and under the bed and throughout the whole little trailer. I was surprised at how much leaves and dirt were in there. I swept it three times. By then, I had really gotten all the dirt and boleaves and bird poop out. I had also swept all the bird poop off of the wall and floor and swept it out.

I straightened up the bed, and put the frilly sham on it and then the comforter on top. I closed up the windows and cleaned out the centre cubby. The one on the left I didn’t touch it, because that is the bathroom for that weasel. So I am leaving that for now. They enter from between the wall and the floor. The cabin is not in good shape at all! It’s on it’s very last legs. But it is my winter cabin.

I sat in the chair after having swept, and looked over the nice little cabin that I have. It needs a good coat of paint and the floor needs to be leveled. But if I keep doing stuff to it like this, one day it will be all tidy and the stuff from long-ago will be gone.

In my searchings, I came upon a little book of hymns, published in 1850. I was astounded! There, among all the board games ames where these two little books. When was the book of Luke and the other this hymnbook with the most reverent sounding hymns. I was impressed with the references they gave to our saviour and I have only father.

I sat and read from the books for a while. It made the trailer even more cozy, especially when I prayed in there. After praying the Holy Spirit was in the room, or maybe it was always there but now I was in tune with it and can feel it. It made it into a beautiful room.

Eventually, I had been there long enough so it was time to go. The sun had set and the temperature was beginning to fall.

I put the door in place when I left, hoping that the wind would not blow it in until I had a chance to get out there with my drill is she home and put it up and into place. I love having these little projects and challenges. I just love having something that I can work on. Turning this little cabin into something pretty is going to be fun. I am going to paint it. In the spring when it is warm, I am going to paint it with the leftover yellow paint from the house. That will be very pretty!

I stopped at fiddleheads TP and checked on supplies and made sure everything was in order. I little too late again, and warm for my hands for a moment.

As I headed up the hill, my legs begin to freeze. I’m not used to having mid-calf dresses on. My socks would slip down and the AC air with swirl around my knees and my bare legs. When I got to the house, the first thing I did was change. Or maybe that was the second thing, after standing in front of the hut woodstove for a few minutes.

Willem brought in the Deerfeed for me and even emptied it into the container. I didn’t want to go outside, but for the sake of the deer, I did it anyway. I’m sure glad I don’t have to live outside when it’s so cold.

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