Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Happy New Years! Jigsaw work

We started this puzzle last night at midnight and I think we worked on it till about two.

Tonight we missed New Year’s Eve by three minutes! Happy new year, everybody.

We’ve been watching Rosewood, then Life on Mars. They’re good shows.

It’s cold in the house. We have all the heaters on tonight. We just can’t seem to get it to stay warm. I guess it is negative something. Negative negative I guess. -25. It’s even colder in Iowa!! I’m glad we have electric backup heaters. I think the cold is getting to me.

I had such a nice walk today and yesterday and the day before when I blew out a path.

I’m so grateful to get to see the deer some of the time! I filled up all the bowls for them and put them where I can see the deer out the bedroom window while I’m lying in bed. We’ve made good progress getting them to come to the house!It’s nice Willem takes an interest in it!

Bitter cold has kept me inside a lot. Like now I’d like to go for a walk on the deck and see the moon, but it’s so cold the boards on the deck bang as they shrink in this extreme cold. It’s more of a true Canadian winter.

My sister is enroute to Patagonia!!! My bucket list! Antarctica is so near!

It’s too cold to open a door and go out to turn off the lights. It takes a long time to warm up! Off to bed to watch the deer!


A large deer is standing on sunrise hillside, his silhouette illuminated by the bright moonlight. He’s just standing lookout. They usually take turns standing lookout.

He is in no hurry to come eat. Something spooked him and he bolted and the light and on. Maybe it was me turning back to look at him.

2:07am. Two are on Re hilaidwnow. Both are looking towards the house. I filled the feeders around 7, and one bowl is empty already.

Here he comes. I’m under my covers hiding.

Now the first has left.

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