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I’ve been writing in this journal for many years.

I hope the application never dies. It is where everything is stored. Not very good place to store it, I guess.

I want to thank all of you who read my journal daily. Sometimes I think about some of you, and even edit myself if I’m third thinking about a certain person. But mostly, my journal is just me, but I think, who a.m., and what I’m doing. I inspire myself when I go back and read it.

Thank you for your comments, they really have meant a lot to me over the years. Most of you do not have a LiveJournal account, and so cannot comment. Roxanne, I have always appreciated your comments. Karen, it has always inspired me to write when I thought that you were reading every day.

Anyway, this journal Smith for my kids. I think Ben might read it. I think Scarlett might read it now and then. Oh, I think I’ll I don’t read it too.

Abe and Daniel don’t. Oma Lily does.

It’s the way I get pictures over there to her. Whenever she thinks of us and is curious what’s going on, she reads it. Too bad I don’t go through and talk about what each of the kids are doing anymore. Are used to do that when they were little. Those are in my paper journals which are up in the loft upstairs. Just saying.

I’ve meant to go through those and transcribe them onto year. I remember working on the tech could trip transcriptions. I never did finish I don’t think.

For the last five years or so, maybe more

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