Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today


I did a lot of stuff today.

I started up in the upper room, sitting in the white chair, looking out over the top of sunrise hillside at hilltop deer Café.

I spoke to my brother and sister, the one is having snow and the other is landing in Santiago to go to Patagonia.

I unearthed a few things, the tatting I have been wanting to do, my red work, and was able to put some stuff in bins.

It’s still a big mess, but I have the things out of it that I wanted. I sorted through the the basket of cords. I found the cord for the little Hemmings sewing machine. I think that would be good for Emma to use while she spends time in hospitals.

I also got the cones of thread for the surger out to take to Tisch.

I prepared everything I needed to go down and put the door on the gypsy cabin. I kept getting sidetracked, so it took me forever.

It was freezing in the sunroom where I had to look for the screws my drill and battery. I didn’t know it at the time, but the batteries for the drill were frozen.

I folded up the rubber squares of letters that make a carpet, and took it in a bag down to the gypsy cabin with Willem. I piled things up on my walker and pushed it down and all the way to the door of the gypsy cabin. Or at least where the boardwalk will end.nice it was blown out.

Willem helped me with the door. But we realized that we now had two sets of hinges. So we have to remove the set from the door or from the doorway.

Oh well. We put the rubber flooring down, and also a rug. We put the walker in the cabin, for a good place to sit.

I lit the candle as soon as we arrived, so it was warm in there. We sat and talked about the cabin, which had very good vibes. The entire space inside of the cabin, excluding the cabinet self, the walls of which are rather disgusting, and appreciated the fact that we had this little shelter. It will never be as nice as a new one. But it’s fun to have it.

We lingered in there for a while, then came back to the car and the house. I thought we were doing Ottawa today. I think I manufactured that whole thing in my head. I think I had asked if Tas would consider hosting family Christmas on New Year’s at her house. I think I assumed she was doing that. She had never said she was though. She may have thought it was an idea. I have to not assume. Anyway, we headed off to Ben’s and then found out they weren’t expecting us!

So we came home to accomplish some of the many things that we want to do.

I want to go down to the cabin and do stuff in there. I had to come and sit upstairs in the upper room first,However. It’s the warmest room in the house. It’s such a nice place to be, too.

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