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Willem got up very early to go help Scott B move so I slept till 9 since I’d gone to bed gone one am anddidn’t feel like getting up, but I did.

It was snowing. Flurries changed to snow for awhile.

I puttered around this morning while Willem was gone. I ran the dishwasher, out in a load of my knee socks, tidied up the kitchen, rearranged the chairs at the end of the living room. made a little video, or two of them actually, of what I was up to and uploaded it.

I measured and cut a board for the chair in the living room. I think this is Tony’s skill saw that we have. I’m issing a 6 foot orange cord, and a very long very heavy heavy duty red and black cord. I think he left his cord here, the one that plugs won’t stay in.

I made it safely over to Lida‘s and left the car running while I went inside. Desmond wanted me to see his bedroom. So I went in there and was amazed at how clean everything is! So very tidy! It looked just lovely.

We played in there, and then we played in Maya’s room. We pretended to mail Desi, the baby orangutan to the zoo. Great fun. Desi is a very gentle baby orangutan! So cute!

Maya got into the box as well. It was a cloth box.

It was snowing a bit when I brought them home, we had a fresh 2 inches of snow I guess. It was very fluffy though.

It was warmer today than it has been. It got up to -7! That’s unheard of this week.

I hoped to try sledding with them at home, but nobody wanted to play outside. So we came in.

Willem had gone to pick up Abe. I couldn’t take them both sledding with no help. Perhaps if I thought the whole thing out and planned well.

I forgot my phone on the car. One I’d brought them inside I couldn’t go back out for it. They had blueberries and crackers for a snack.

They were wonderful. They jumped on my bed, which head and foot raises up so they couldn’t fall off the bed!

They also threw animal grade peanuts out the door for the red squirrels. Desi helped me fill the five bowls with food for the deer.

Their daddy had dinner allready for them at five when I took them home. Maya fell asleep in the car. I don’t want to feed them much beforehand re dinner, to help Ruth the eating situation. He lives Zoodkes I discovered!

I stopped at the expensive grocery store and they had all my frozen berries and mangoes and broccoli for $3.99 a bag! Better than Giant Tiger!

I made brown rice with quinoa and dried onions enjoyed carrots. It turned out really nice! Only, as usual, I made too much. But it’s good so I ate some.

Willem liked it too. He was busy working at the jigsaw puzzle when I got home. So I sat there and worked on the puzzle with him.

It wasn’t until quite late at night that Willem and I went for a walk to the gypsy Kevin. Willem was quite cold, even though it was only -7 Celsius. I wrapped them up in the quilts I had Stewart down there. Is that the candle as soon as we went in. It was a shame we couldn’t get that door screwed on yesterday

I came yodayaies and wrote in my journal, then when it was time to go to bed, Baby Eyering came over. She’s been very busy eating from the bowl in front of the bedroom door.

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