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Wednesday Grandchildren

The house was looking pretty tidy. I like lighting the fire every morning, so I made a video of lighting it.

I sat outside on the deck In my blanket fort.

Focusing on the view between the swing supports. See the several layers of hills?

Just being sociable.

My car started perfectly, but just in case, Willem followed me as I went over to Lida‘s to pick up the kids, and then drove on to pick up Abe for a few days.  The weather is much warmer today. . Their house was immaculate!

I brought them home and Maya fell asleep in the car. Desmond wanted to play in the snow.  So I tried to get him to do some sledding on the ramp by the car. However, he just wanted to play with the snow.  He didn't want to follow me into the yard through the snow.  So I get it, he's not tasted sledding yet, so doesn't know what he is missing.  When he's interested...which means after he's seen someone else having fun doing it...

Desi and I fed the squirrels and the bluejays peanuts and the chickadees sunflower seeds, but mostly he held the deer bowls while I poured feed into them, then he put them down on the edge of the porch for the deer to come and eat them.

He wanted raspberries and peas, so they sat at the little picnic table in the kitchen to eat them. 
Upstairs, Abe was spending time on his computer with his music.  Desi picked up a package of something, turned it over and dropped it out on the floor, then left.  I was shocked!  But I also remembered.  At 3, he should be over doing that, I thought.

I spent some time with Maya, teaching her how to crawl down the stairs.  Desi was going up and down, so I made sure she knew how to do it and could do it easily.  She still needs practice.  She didn't want to crawl down, but to be carried.  But I refused, so she crawled.  She asks permission before going up, I realized.  She looks at me when she gets on the stairs, but then waits for my approval before climbing.  Willem often goes along behind her.

We have a bed whose head and knees raise up.  I lay down and raised it up, while Desi and Maya jumped on it beside me.  It created a crease in the mattress, so they didn't fall off the bed, jumping instead in the valley.

Just before they were going home he played in the snow and got it on his hands and on his pants. He was so upset as the cold was getting through and really getting him.  The snow got on his knees as he didn't have his snowpants and coat on, just his boots and warm sweatshirt over his clothes, and the poncho I wove for him; since he was about to get into the warm car, but alas, he didn't get into the warm car at all.  Willem was buckling Maya in and desi was jumping into the snow.  When after making a few knee-body prints, he screamed when the snow touched his bare hands.  I dashed to the rescue, but alas nothing was enough.  I put him in the warm car and tried to take off his poncho and pants before the snow I couldn't brush off melted.  It was tricky cos his poncho was snow covered, so that came off, the shirt was snowpacked, so that came off, as I dug through the bag for yet another warm top.  He had to wear the one with the wet cuff, from his water play in the sink earlier.  I rolled the cuff up away from his body. Taking off his pants while bending over him without having him sitting in his briefs in the carseat where some snow had fallen off his poncho was quite the feat! I put my coat under him and he sat on it while those pants came off and the snow pants were going on.  But they were cold and he didn't want to put his legs in, but he was really cold, so eventually he did.  What a relief when he was all bundled up and ready to drive home.

I explained that it hurts when the snow touches your skin.  Willem had to go take sandwiches for the food bank or mission, so he drove the kids home and continued on his way.

I collasped, amazed that little ones can create so much stress!  It's not like we were even doing anything!  But it all gets very complicated, even simple things like walking to the car to go home!  Imagine something that's actually complicated!  I can't believe I did this for so many years!

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