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Debbie came over!

I sat at the desk in the bedroom when I got up.

I did lots of stuff to whip the house back into shape.

It was mild outside. I made a wooden stand for the Christmas tree by the clothesline.

I swept and vacuumed and swept and vaccuumed the downstairs this morning.

I wanted to go down for a walk, but decided to do some housework, just cos Debbie was coming over and since the wee ones trashed it anyway. 

Willem is now in charge of doing all the dishwasher stuff.  I'll continue to do the vacuuming and the windows and the tidying up, mostly. 

I moved the tree from near the clothesline, over to the shady deck to break the wind, and put it beside the large elm tree growing through the deck. 

I wanted to fed the animals differently, so i hung up a feeder in front of the window and had to turn the braket around three times to get it upright.  NOt sure how that happened. 

I brought the table over for the deer feed.  I am not going to give them that much feed every night.  It'll all be gone too soon.

Deb came over and we walked to all of the tipis where I left supplies and then went into the gypsy cabin, lit a candle for heat and hung around. 

At the moat overflow, We put eyes on Wilson.  He has eyes on the back of his head now, too.  But we had to nail them on.  I felt bad about that for him.  It was nice joking about Wilson's need to see.  I made a video of it, too.   

We wet to the dump and picked up a lovely tall Balsam fir Christmas tree from the brush pile at the dump.  What a great thing to get.  We brought it home and put it on the shady deck, put little roofing nails in the wall and tied the copper wires around the nails.  The two trees now surround my comfy chair.  The wind is so ferocious, I'm glad to have a place where the wind can't get me!  I'm planning on getting lots of Christmas trees from the roadsides!  What a great idea!  They can act as wind breakers!Scarlett came over and made banana bread and even made some for us as well.  She's pioneer living without an oven. 

Cooking on or beside the woodstove is quite a tricky business!  I like cooking in the cast iron pot and using it like a dutch oven.We had potatoes, egg salad and a nuked onion.  It was really good!  We had banana bread for desert!  Yummy.

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