The Nederland neighbourhood

I opened the heavy unhinged door of the gypsy caravan and poked my head outside.

 I called over to the Alder tipi where I've warmed up with candles and written in my paper journal.  Somehow writing in my journal when I'm somewhere makes it into a true living space.  So I called over to the Alder tipi and Horseshoe Island Tipi to say hi and good afternoon, nice cold crisp day, eh!  

Then as I stood there looking at the bridge across the moat out my front door, moat-front property, and again beheld the lovely yard of Alders on both sides, in front and in back.  I enjoy playing house in there and also surviving the cold outside.  I was so glad the other tipis had come to join the neighbourhood.  

I never thought of it as a neighbourhood, but now I saw that it was.  I wanted a name for it.  Three ponds, a moat, an island, three tipis and a gypsy caravan, a spring, an overflow, the entrance to the stream and a waterfall.  Lowland?  Triaqua? Flood plain?  Hollow?  I put the question to Willem, asking for a word that would take that all in.  Nederlands is the Dutch word for lowlying wetlands.  So that's it, Nederlands is the new name for the whole area.  Now I can say, I'm going down to Nederlands and he'll know where I mean.  

It's so much more than just a walk, down there.  There are so many deer tracks and sometimes coyote tracks, otter slides, mink scat, etc.Alder tipi and moat bridge from Teardrop Point. Alder TipiHorseshoe Island TipiThe Gypsy CaravanJopi Tipi


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