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19 Christmas tree deck windbreak Saturday

I’ve had enough of the wind, Which comes barrelling through from East, up the bare hillside, And it also blows hard across the field next door where the wind comes in from the west, not st the same time, but we have very few trees to block the wind.

There are some to the north west, but they don’t block the two wind tunnel decks.

When I got up today, my most important job for the day was trying to find Christmas trees at the dump.

On my way to the dump I saw a tree in the yard on its side. So I went back and asked to take their tree. He came out and helped me put in the back of the Matrix car.

I brought home the one tree and put it on the suntrap deck at the corner of the house where the wind just whips around!

After bringing it home and returning to the dump to check for more, i picked up the sewing machine table.

I went over to Scarlett‘s and had a little visit, forgetting my phone which she had plugged in for me.

After I came home, I went to work at snow blowing around and in the trailer. Willem poured hot water on the part where the tongue was frozen into the ice and got it up onto the ball hitch.

I made two trips to town. On the first trip, I found six similarly sized small trees which I laid top to tail in the trailer. That was perfect.

I dragged them each around to the back of the house where I attached one to a post on hilltop deer cafe, one at each end of the shady deck and to another tree. The dry ones got tied to saplings, but the fresh trees went on the deck.

They aren’t supposed to put them out till tomorrow night, but some had, not many, though.

I went back around sundown, and took Tia’s giant tree first. Thanks tia. That went on the yard side of the deck to break that fierce cold wind.

I had to lay that tree in at such an angle that I ended up standing the trees up.

One man asked what I was taking them for. He gave me some change. “You’re giving me money?” I asked.

In the end I brought home 10 trees. I put another at the clothesline alongside it.

One helped shelter the suntrap deck alongside the bird feeding area on the suntrap corner.

I have 19 fir trees, Balsam and spruce trees. They are quite bushy and dense

So that there is no straight path on the deck, I am trying to place them to break the wind most effectively, yet still give us access.

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