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Tree gathering

I’m out in town with my car and trailer after 4 inches of snow, gathering up the Christmas trees before the garbage people come and take them.

I’m making a windbreak along the deck of our house. We live on top of the hill and the wind just freezes everything. It’s been so bitter. But now it’s up to 32 Fahrenheit! But that will just make all the snow freeze and then will have a huge world of ice.

You know us northerners would not have much better time on Southern roads in snow. That’s because, whenever it is near freezing, the snow is moist, and always results in greasy roads. So we just don’t go out when it’s icy, or near freezing and snowing, not until they’ve salted the roads. So I totally would not have much better time driving in snow down there. In fact, I went to see mom once, andOn the way, there was a snowstorm from North Carolina south. So I got a room. I didn’t want to be on greasy roads. And of course, I also didn’t want to be on greasy roads with people that didn’t know how to drive on greasy roads. There’s really not a good way to drive and greasy roads, except really slowly.

It’s amazing to be getting all these trees to shelter us from the wind. 28 Trees at home on the deck so far, and another load coming. I counted the big fir trees in this load past seven. But I added a few more after that. I’m not sure how many I have on here now. I just hope they stay on while I drive!

Willem counted all the trees. There are 40 Christmas trees on the decks.

This last load was 12 trees. Willem helped me unload them and put them in the various places to block the wind.

I think that it will really shelter us from the wind this way. On my way home with my 12 trees, someone stopped to help me. I was so grateful. It turns out, it was Ralph Thompson. He is a wonderful mechanic. I have lost track of him 20 years ago.

So this is my third run now. The weather is pretty sloppy outside. We had 4 inches of snow yesterday, and it’s still snowing at, what time is it? 230 or something?

It sure takes a long time to do one load. The first load took me from 730 until 1030 and the next load took me until 130 anyway, I only have to find a few trees. Six is the minimum, 12 or 13 might be the maximum. It depends on the size of the trees.

I want to stop over at the grandchildren’s house. However, it takes so long doing these loads, and making sure that they are tied on tightly.

Because the roads are bad, actually they’re not as bad now as they were this morning. But they are still greasy and sloppy.

Some places have been salted, so they’re not so bad. But snow has fallen since then. If I can find a place where the snowplough is already been, it’s pretty good. But even now, I am following somebody who is only doing 40 miles an hour, 60 km an hour. So if I drivee the speed with a load of trees, it’s OK, both because nobody’s going much faster than this, and because I fit right in.

The birds are already sitting in these trees on the deck . It’s so nice to see them have shelter from the wind. I’m quite excited about how this project is working out!

I have three trees up against saplings. One is actually between a sapling and a fence post, where I used to sit in my Hammock years ago.

The trees now go up the side from maybe midway from the stairs to the clothesline, to the corner of the porch around the corner and down to where pass the edge of the house. I’m not sure how many tall trees that took, but I’m so glad to have this! With this new snow, it gives the trees some support. If I can get them home and into this wet snow before it freezes solid, it will hold these trees in place! I’m also trying to make a windbreak beside the living room door.

I want everyone to use the living room door now, so that the new addition, the family room stays warm. Otherwise, there’s not enough heat going in there from the woodstove, to keep it warm if we are also going in and out of the doors there. But the living room door may lead in some cold, but it will warm right up, because it’s Tim from the woodstove.

I’m learning more about why my feet get cold. When my feet are in my boots long enough to start to sweat, then this they get cold. However, I think if they were wool socks, I wouldn’t be getting cold when they get damp.

Anyway, I decided that the thing to do, is to change my socks with my feet are cold. Actually, I should just change my socks when I am driving, or take my socks out of my boots so I won’t have sweaty feet in my boots.

I’m surprise that I am out in this weather today. I don’t usually like to drive on sloppy roads. I should be at home snowblowing the driveway. It’s going to be hard to snow blow later. Oh well. It didn’t freeze completely, but this new snow is sure heavy.

I am surprised at my ability to do this project. My ankle and my knees and my hips and my back and my neck are all obeying, and letting me do this work. It’s really nice to be able to use my body and accomplish what I want.

Some of these trees in this third load today, has been buried in snow. The sidewalk plough came along and dump snow on them, as well as the 4 inches fell last night. Since it’s melting snow, it really feels heavy.

And I got a big Pine, fake around and halfway tall, medium build I guess. I wanted to put it across the top. I thought it would fit nicely up there. But it was too heavy. Darn extra

So I went about getting all the trees I could find again. These trees have been put out since the last time I was there. It’s still snowing pretty hard. We may get a couple inches of more snow. Now that I realize that this effort could go all week, that trees will be put out on garbage day, which means tomorrow, and Thursday. Maybe there is other stuff other days of the week.

And it’s so cool to be able to dictate my journal. It’s probably turning out horrible, but at least I have something to edit. You have to have something to edit in order to make it good. I don’t generally reread them when I am dictating them. I just let them all dictate and I upload it. Then I go back and I edit it. Hopefully everything in the past has been edited by now. I don’t know.

The other day I was able to use my laptop to do my journal. I was able to add memories and tags to some of my entries. I don’t usually add them with a iPhone or iPod device. But with a laptop you canEasily add it.

It sure is hard to stay warm on my feet. I have to work on that!

Three people have helped me. Today a young fellow was clearing the walkway and driveway, and offered me a hand. He gave me help getting that tree over to the car on the other side of the road. It is on the top back across the top.

I was going up a hill when I stop to get a tree. After I had floated that one and one across the road onto my car, I was stuck. I had to back up mostly down the hill with my trailer behind behind. That didn’t go very well. In the end, I had it in first gear and I just figured that under the snow was pavement, so if I spend the wheels, it would hit pavement and shoot me forward. So that’s what I did.

So I was more careful with the next places I went. The roads are too full of snow, with deep four-inch tracks through the wet snow.

I have seen an ambulance and

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