Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Goal met! 64 🌲 trees

When I realized I was awake, I jumped out of bed, saying goodbye to sleeping Willem on the way, lit the fire, gathered several pairs of socks, my long slippery down white coat and dry leather work gloves and headed to town to get more trees.

I tried it differently this time. Every time I have trees on the trailer, I need to get all the trees on securely. Perhaps I could tie them vertically and get more of them on.

I need to stretch my gas. So, that said, I need to have as many trees on the load at once as I can.

This last load had 14 trees. I started out by tying three across the back and tying them each to the trailer.

It was hard to do, because the first one didn’t want to stand up and wait until I tied it in place. And when I got one the other one fell. So I carried on like that, driving through town and when I see a Christmas tree on the road I turn and go down and get it. Then I would look down the road from there and go to the next tree. I have to drive quite a few miles probably be miles, before I had collected all the trees I could get on.

People have different ideas about when to put their trees out. So I find one tree on the street. Or, perhaps these people care more about putting their trees out ASAP.

When I took the children home, the children that I picked up after my load was full, I will I drop them off and then gathered another load. I wasn’t very energetic about it, but I figured if I saw a tree I would put it in my trailer. So I drove around and I think I loaded up nine trees with them all laying flat. There was more room on one side for another tree, but I didn’t want to deal with trying it on.

I brought the load home, going the back road slowly edge and have left them on the trailer for the night. I can work on taking them out tomorrow.

I may have energy later. I do feel quite energetic actually. I love these the smell of these trees. The balsam fir trees have all been touched and rubbed lately, so they are all giving off their fragrance. It’s really lovely. It was such a good idea to put these here.

I’m ‘s I’m sitting outside on the deck in my cosy spot behind the woodshed. I have a tree blocking all the wind. In fact, this entire deck that extends out over the valley, is surrounded by trees. Oh, maybe it could use two or three more. But the wind is so well blocked! This is going to make it much nicer to go outside.

I have to want to go outside. If I don’t want to, then I don’t. And I don’t get the exercise

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