Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Desi and Maya over

Maya slept while I unloaded the trailer and Desi played contentedly inside where he ate blueberries and watched the fire in the woodstove.

We unearthed the bin of paints and brought them downstairs. Well, I did and Desi carried a just found paintbrush.

He sat at the counter in the kitchen. I put down newspaper, and then some of Willem‘s printer paper. One page at a time. The pants were the paints I had bought at hobby lobby in Athens while I was caring for my mom.

So, needless to say, they are old. I mean, maybe four years old, maybe six. Anyway, they have to be shaking a lot, or else the liquid comes out without the paint. So he had a great time painting. I squirted colour onto the paper and he mixed it was his paintbrush. I also showed him afterwards how to fold a paper and make a butterfly, also it’s just the same. He like that. He also liked painting his hand and then making handprints on the newspaper as well as on his paper. We used a lot of paper. It was so much fun. We just kept shaking paints and squirting so some onto the paper in front of us.

We Maye woke up, after a very long nap, around 2 o’clock, we went upstairs to play. She likes playing upstairs. She especially likes climbing the stairs and crawling down the stairs.

The two doll houses are coming in handy. They each have one and they use them both, changing sides whenever they feel like it. It’s quite funnyMaye got right to work with her favourite toys. Desmond found the handrail, which meant he had to drill something. That wall, the floor, me, everything.He also had to make faces. Because that’s what he likes to do. He likes to look at himself in the mirror in the car and make fierce faces. Sometimes she makes different kinds of faces when we talk about feelings that’s fun.

I was impressed with how much she likes his sister. He went over to her and gave her a hug. By the time I got out the camera the hug was over. Was really sweet to see.Years ago I made little animals with my scroll saw out of wood. The kids both like playing with them. My likes lining them up on the windowsill like Desmond it.Jasmine didn’t want the Christmas trees just be outside, he wanted to decorate them! So sometime we will.He actually was offering toys to Maya.She is such a little girl! She just loves her dog and her dog carriage and the house. She loves putting the dishes in the kitchen. So sweet to watch.Guess he was also interested. He had been spending some time jumping on the couch, but my I was enjoying the house and he saw and enjoy the other side of it. It’s so nice to be such an important part of their lives!Maya just wants to sit against something all the time!Parallel play at last. Willem drove Abe home, so I was home all alone with them and got them dressed and in the car.

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