Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Alpha does fighting

There has been a change here. First of all, there has been a deer outside the window when I wake up at seven a couple times. Tonight there were new deer along with the normal three. They were fighting on the hilltop. My usual deer was at the table eating on the deck.

Each of the new deer were large. Seeing them stand on their hind feet and kick at each other with their hose was spectacular.

One of the Alpha does had a ring around between her eyes on her for head, which look like a mushroom as the stem of it ran down the top of her nose. So her name is mushroom. The other one, has what looks like a circle on the four head.So her name is circle. Or globe.

They all left, and then the mushroom dough came back. No I think I should go out to refill the area on the glass table.

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