Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

It’s Wednesday today

Now I have 64 Christmas trees for a windbreak and for the birds and critters and it even smells heavenly!

The bench is now in a little forested cove. It’s out of the wind completely!I’ll be making coves and cozy spots, as you can see!

I can tell, you have no idea how to respond to this ridiculous information. It’s obvious Nancy feels really happy about this, but others perhaps think this idea could result in a lot of clutter and future garbage. Nancy knows so much though. I’d better not say anything.

I’m going to tie them to the railing all the way around the deck. And make those cross wood pieces to nail on the bottom. Those can be for standing out in the deck to make a windbreak or create a cove.

The smell is amazing! Since all those trees have been touched when the decorations were removed and then put out in the snow and rubbed against the snowbank and then touched by me and put in the trailer, and then touched by me and Willem to put out on the deck, and when you walk by them now, since balsam needles only give a fragrance when they are touched, it’s amazing! I wish I could bottle the smell! Or funnel into the bedroom. I hope this all turns out well. I can also use these trees to create a barrier, a berm, between us and the road.

My bff was curious what you i was going to do with them, but thought it was such a wonderful thing when I put the cedars on the top deck and the birds came and thought this even better!

Yes when another dear soul first heard my idea, because of course I just say everything to everybody, and so I never filter what I tell her, so she was kind of shocked be tried to be supportive, but thought it was probably a terrible idea.

But when she came over here and walked between the trees to get to the living room door where we have been entering now, she said she loved it!

It reminded her of Germany. The Christmas markets would have trees like this. Every year trees would be tied to each lamp post. And then decorated. So all of the streets in the towns were filled with Christmas trees. She loved it. Germany really does Christmas! I should look at my videos of the Christmas market so I can see the trees!

You can still walk all around the deck. There are a few narrow spots, but those trees not against the railings or walls, those trees can be moved out of the way when needed, should they wish to take a stroll around the deck.

I’m so glad MJ is my friend. I’m so glad that she accepts my idea of these trees. I think I have about 74 trees now. 10 of them are still on the trailer.

I just haven’t gotten enough energy or incentive or urge to go out there and deal with anything right now. I’ve just been sitting here watching myself on YouTube!

Some really interesting views of around the house, when there was so much clutter. It’s amazing the change. I don’t want it to be like that again! But it’s interesting how I feel it in around me and close myself in. That’s very interesting. Scarlett phone that out to me the other day. Something about some people that do that. Anyway I do. I like to be cozy. Makes me feel safe.

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