Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Wednesday afternoon

I have been getting acquainted with my 80 new trees.

I spent a long time helping them find their own special place in amongst the large and small, narrow and bushy Balsam and spruce trees.

I got the snowblower freed up from the tarp. Neither of the shear pins had broken. I blew out the deck, trying to blow the heavy thick snow off between the trees so they don’t get hit with the heavy snow.

Willem thought I should go get another load of trees if I was going to. So at 1:30 I headed in and came back with more trees. I laid them on the trailer in an orderly fashion.

These were from a newly built neighbourhood. All the trees were on top of snowbanks, some filled with plowed snow. It worked out in the end, lifting each of them up onto the load.

I like talking to people as I put them on or tie the load down. I like using straps across the top of the loads then winched down.

I had to hurry home afterwards because there was to be freezing rain after.

I didn’t unload the trees, but had dinner and watched CBC market place with Willem.

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