Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Ottawa before the storm

I woke to the realization that I had to leave right away for Ottawa.

Darn. So my appointment was just before the freezing rain.

By the time I returned home, I had not had any trouble with the roads on account of the salt and sand, but my car was covered with ice.

THat was a bit surprising. Maybe a 16th or an eighth of an inch of ice. It’s changed to snow now, All of our snow, almost a foot ,is gone! Unbelievable!

So my appointment was at the Seeker Pain Centre in Ottawa. They did an intake for me, to find out all sorts of things about what my body has experienced throughout its lifetime. Jeepers, like when I got scratched by my cat or every time I had stitches. That’s a lot.

I had the heat on high on in the car on the way home and I ached all over and felt fluish, so I opened the windows and cooled it down and couldn’t feel any muscle pains. Oernaod the heat causes them, or mifies my notice of them. Hmmm interesting. I feel so much better when it’s cool. Interesting. Perhaps hanging out in our Naderland, lowland, in the winter and sitting here and there on the deck

I love winter! It is so relaxing. There is so very little required of you. It’s always a shock when spring comes.

It was raining today so I took my umbrella and jacket, and was warm enough because it was +12. Now it’s like -12, just a few hours later. So there’s a flash freeze warning. It’s snowing and foggy so I hope the snow sticks to the ice so it isn’t dangerous.

I’ve started to ask Willem whenever I want to fix myself something to eat, if he would like some. So we’ve been having meals together like when I want to microwave a bag of broccoli, i ask Willem if he’d like some too, so we make stuff together too. Or sometimes will have microwave potatoes. I love them that was a couple minutes per small pota

Willem stoop d up he fallen trees. Baited the bad bugvfjdvx

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