Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today


I am sick and blubbering and blowing and gagging and coughing, is that too much information?

So I didn’t go to Willem s concert last night. Today I slept in till noon. I’d stayed up knitting some homespun mittens. I made one mitten. And stayed up ti four am watching Touch. Interesting show.

Anyway it was sunny so I went for a walk around the Naderland, lowlan, Trail including across both Stream bridges and a quick stop in the Gypsy cabin and a sit in the sun at the upeebridge. I sat in the sun and watched the stream while my feet were getting sweaty, so I took off my boots and sat airing the dampness off my socks and feet within.

I came home and sat in the sun in the upper room and watched the rest of Touch and knitted the other mitten. Willem sat with me and watched a bit then read his Harry Potter.

I found Mary. Her phone and internet were down. I was too sick to talk when she phoned.

I took my lemon homey and sipped it off a spoon from time to time.

I watched a huge buck eat off the table outside the bedroom door in the middle of the night.

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