Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Hiking on Wednesday

Mj took Guntger fir a walk so I caught up with her.

We spent the next hour or two following the stream upstream.

I had no idea it was so beautiful in there. We cross the bridges as old as my bridges, the old one. Before deer tracks, and were fascinated by the beautiful colour black or gets the word snow as the stream Wieden the Narrows and curved this friend that. was very lovely.

This microphone does not seem to be recording and writing it down properly. I prefer when it writes it down properly.

We worked on the other side of the stream, where I had not been before. Or at least, I didn’t remember.

Later we went over and hiked with Scarlet‘s with her. I twisted my foot slightly when we first started to work. These uneven surfaces are pretty hard on my ankle.

We explored the most beautiful wilderness. There are many ridges and valleys. We found your bids on top of the bridges. It looked very nice and cosy for them to stay together down there. There are so many tears it come up on skates yard.

We ran out of daylight just as we emerge from the forest. What a lovely walk that was!

Our third walk with swim with Chuck Gunther out at the end of the evening walk up to the top of the hill on the road. Our little road. That was interesting looking back at the house and the lights on in the various rooms.

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