Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today


Elijah brought the children over.

She had car trouble so Willem went and jumped the car. Desmond and my we’re both Destin to go sledding! Does he wanted to come inside first. He really likes grandmas house. I guess it’s kind a spacious now. It’s good to have little children and enjoying it.

After playing inside for a while, Desmond was ready for sledding. It was wonderful to watch his mother take him up the hill and slide them down, pulling here in my head down around the curve at the bottom of the yard. Near Juniper meadow fence. Paragraph she remembered sledding down this hill of her life, all the time! That’s so cool. I’m glad I provided them with that.

Does he was reluctant at first to go down the hill, but then he got into it once he was on the sled. I even sledded down the terraces from the lever inside. I couldn’t believe I would do that!

I took some photos of them. I didn’t have many.

Jesse got to understand the wonders of speed going down the whole hill into the valley, the pathway the kids always check.

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