Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today


I had a horrible episode last night.

I had a cramp in my leg. It wasn’t just a cramp that you can fix by pulling up on their toes, no this was a dreadful severe severe cramp. I’ve never felt so much pain except when I was there in labor. It was a 10. I don’t think my hip surgery was a 10. This pain was so bad I couldn’t Barrett it was unbearable I was thrashing around trying to get rid of get away from the pain

Willem was wonderful! He help me get up the stairs to the bedroom before the pain had gotten terribly severe. Once I made it to the bed it was so much better than trying to move out in pain.

Willem rub down my legs rub the muscles were they were cramping. But one would stop cramping in another one with start. Was all different muscles in my legs inside the back the top the Cavs the front. Pulling up word on my toesWe’re only have stretch the muscles in the back and cause them to start cramping. Willem gave me a blessing after bringing me water. From then on I drink copious amounts of water. I guess I’m dehydrated. I hadn’t been drinking much water lately over the last few weeks.

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