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The rest of friday

I couldn’t believe that I slept until 1030. I stayed perfectly still last night after those cramps. I didn’t dare move a muscle in case it triggers another attack. I took some of my medication, which knocked me out. When I woke up in at 6:30 I was too groggy to do anything. So I went back to bed and slept like the dead.

It’s wonderful to have Maryjane and Michael here. After Willem left to go to the temple, Mj and I went over across the road and explored.

Within view of the upstairs balcony, We walked between and counted 15 recent dear beds among the juniper bushes. I didn’t know the junipers were such a nice environment for deer to sleep. They like to be up on the top of the hill and don’t mind a little bushes. But they probably feel safest up there. 

We descended a beautiful pathway down to the stream at the bottom We wandered around there, following deer trails across the steep slope through the dense hemlocks above us. We sat on logs near the stream, fascinated by the marbles that scallop the edges of the ice floating above the water pierced by a stick.

Homespun mittens

I started knitting a second pair of mittens. I don’t think I’ve even spoken about my mittens. The other day I took my homespun and decided I would try and make a pair of mittens. So I made a pair according to a pattern. They didn’t turn out quite right, probably because I didn’t do the pattern right.  So I’m on my second pair of mittens now.  They aren't the same as each other because my homespun yarn isn't the same thickness in my spinning.  However, the more recent the spinning, the more consistent it is.  It's good to be improving!  However, that doens't do much for my already partly knitted mittens.  In some cases I just add a third thread to the knitting.

Living room

Mary Jane helped me to rearrange the living room so that it’s now a very nice appealing please. It’s so much better than it was before. When we went to the dump we came home with a loveseat couch and so this is the new change. The long green couch went into the family room. It’s kind of nice to have it there. People were sitting on it today.

No sledding
The grands came over again, but Desi had had a fall into the slop at the new Dollarama store.  Poor child!  He was pouring about it.  Oh, I rememer how Lida used to pout!  I made up a story about it.  Oh yes, the little girl with a chair on her face!  It was a great story.  So he wanted to stay in the car and go home, not come in to see Grandma.  So I said, "And miss all the fun?  I don't think so!"  So I went out and said that to him and he said, "I think I want to go in Grandma's house!"  And he did. 

Mommy nipped out to run an errand, letting the children stay with me.  Now MJ's puppy, is a gigantic towering monster dog, similar to a cougar.  Desi talked to Gunther through the door. He noticed his nostrils were moving.  That was a cool thing to mention.  I asked him what Gunther was feeling, or thinking.  Desi said he looked sad.  I showed him how to feed a biscuit to him through the partly opened door. 

Maryjane and I got a few things from the dump yesterday. I got a can of 10 jigsaw puzzle‘s, and some other puzzles and a glass dish and this beautiful white loveseat couch. It’s nice and sturdy and feels great. It’s not as long as the green one, but the green one was just not a very nice couch.

The Christmas Trees
I'm attending forestry school everytime I go outside onto the deck. It's amazing to learn to distinguish these trees one from another.  I'm putting little tags on them so I know which ones are which and I can cement those details into my mind.  I've picked little bits off them and am comparing the needles and the colour and the number of needles around the stem.  I am learning a lot.  The white spruce smells a bit like cat pee.

A fox barked a couple of times and then ran across the field and across the way and beyond hillside.  MJ and Michael and I all saw him.  I ran around and took pictures of him. 

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