Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Point waterfall

Today we walked to the point where we followed deer tracks all the way.

It is the most beautiful walk. I love the hemlock hillside. It’s such a steep slope.

I walked first this morning and enjoyed looking down into the steep Valley at the winding Black stream cutting through beneath the hemlocks.

I came back, thinkin Mj would probably be ready to go for our joint walk, but when I got home, she had gone back to bed and was sleeping.

So I knitted with my homespun yarn on the mittens, second pair.

I’m having a hard time uploading photos that go with the other journal entries. I think my camera makes photos that are way too big.

We followed the hills where they lined the Stream. Finally we made it to the gap beteeen the hills, on the other side of which is the cliff side waterfalls.

The flash freeze the other day froze the waterfalls. From the midst of a small flat area of water stood four ice towers. I have no idea how they were created.

We didn’t come back the same way. It was much easier taking the direct route home!

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