Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Seeker treatment Center

I just finished having a treatment. It entailed needles in my shoulders, hips, jar, ankle. It was quite painful. They are lidocaine I believe. He also manipulative the body so much, pulling on the knee and pushing on the shoulder, and vice versa. Or twisting the knee and the ankle in different directions. It was interesting. I don’t really understand what he does.

So I’m hoping I’ll feel better. My one knee Felt better after I went to get Cortizone in both knees. But only the left knee seems to be working right now I twisted it yesterday or just today moving my foot from the gas to the brake.

At home after several hours my areas of punctures are feeling very stiff. It’s hard to lift my left arm without pulling on my neck and shoulder together.

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