Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today


Had freezing rain for probably 12 or 15 hours.

So all the melting that happened previously, was reversed when it snowed and the freezing rain came on top of it.

Mary Jane was getting a cold, so she just wanted to hang around the woodstove most of the day.

I went for a walk over to the deer bed area, it was very interesting and to find a place that I wanted to sit down. I just cited to come back and take a chair over.

I couldn’t get into the sunroom, I mean the studio because the door was frozen shut before it snowed and melted. So when we got back from town I went in there yesterday and left my phone and mittens on the bench in front of the door I like to sit in and observe.

So without my phone all day for several days actually, I didn’t make her upload any videos or writing in the journal or spend any time on messenger.

I enjoyed my day. Willem went and picked up a, so he was gone most of the day. The afternoon.

It rained first dripping from the trees as the ice melted, then it became a light drizzle throughout the day.

I made a new place to sit on the deck yesterday. I brought a few trees around and made another place I can sit where I will be preserving the privacy of whoever’s in the downstairs bedroom.

We did go upstairs for a little while. I finished knitting my second pair of hands on mittens, but they were too short. I have to take the Endo and out and redo them. I made them coming to a point to soon.

I also discovered that I made two holes in one of them. I’m not sure why I did that, some holes. For my son and my fingers. Not some holes some holes from my some THUMB my son.

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