Yoga started up again

It was lovely to go to yoga and do some stretches.  I really enjoyed being there and getting all the crunchiness out of my system.  It's amazing how good the stretches are, one that stretches my back is holding onto the front edge of a chair and backing up with little steps, then stretching my butt far back.  That pulls all the muscles and bones and lines everything back up.

I got back after taking back roads home.  It's so lovely in the snowcovered hills in the dense woods.  Mj was relaxing in the living room, so I went for another walk up onto the juniper deer field.  

I went for a walk around the moat, too.  Someone left deep tracks yesterday when the snow was quite mushy.  Now those tracks are frozen into the snow.  I should put up a sign when I don't want anyone to put tracks in the surface.  It's very bumpy now and difficult to walk on.  

I sat beside Iceberg pond and discovered I need two or three pallets to make a nice bridge over the wet area at the base of the pond bowl.

I stopped in Jopi Tipi to sit for awhile.  I sat and read the ensign by iceberg pond.


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