Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today


We got home at 2:15 am, then slept till 10. Mj had a cold so stayed home for most of the day.

We went to the dump in the afternoon where We found a lift chair being brought by someone to leave at the dump. They gave it to Mary Jane and put it in the back of our matrix.

I figured even though they can’t drive it home, I could bring it to their house later. Maybe on our next temple trip.

We went over to Scarlett’s to do some laundry. The ice has made walking quite difficult. There is a gap of 2 inches between the top ice and the Bob. So you drop through snow with every step. Actually, after your break through the ice, that’s when your stuff is over.

Her deer came again. She has so many beautiful deer now.

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