Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Sunday nursery

Mj came with wm and me to church.

I love listening to the sacrament prayer. It’s quite a big deal with strong ties to eternity. I’m quite blown away by what Jesus Christ has done for me. I lean on Him to guide and protect me when I wander the forests. Keep me from getting lost.

I have no more time for talking to my friends. Or anyone for that matter. In nursery you are on your own. Cut off from all the fellowshipping and sisterhood of relief society. Sometime the sisterhood is the only reason I make the monumental effort to face my body pain and go anyway.

Now it’s a real effort to go all that way for just one hour of uplift. My pain yells to stay home. I’m filled with dread of going and spending two hours in nursery.

I’m trying to learn the schedule. I think I need to adjust my attitude. I wouldn’t mind being in there if I didn’t have to do it in exchange for the fellowship and lessons. I really need to be taught. It’s not enough to sustain me for a week.

If I dive into study and prayer that would sustain me, I guess. But I miss the hugs and the love I receive from the sisters in relief society.

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