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I took baby clothes over for Bruno this morning and made a video of Scarlett feeding her deer and their arrival.

It was so nice.

I fed my deer up on the top of Wildflower Hill. Then I pulled a piece of wood down the road and to Teardrop Point. I sat with it on my lap and rested my knee and foot.

Willem arrived and helped carry it the rest of the way to make a little bridge over to Iceberg Pond across the narrowest bit of the marshwoods pond that still remains.

We walked to Alder tipi then to the bridge over the stream. Willem went home and I sat by the stream, then headed alongside the Stream downstream into the marshwoods.

I found some interesting stuff has happened down there. It’s fun I have cedar trees layover the stream. There are two little peninsula is the stick out into the stream on either side of those trees.

It was quite tangled and hard to get through, so I walked back out towards the corner of the moat, to see just how far it goes as canary grass.

I did some exploring, after following the stream as far as I could before the tango was too difficult to go through or around. I decided to to walk straight from the Stream towards where the damn used to be. I found it. It’s very close to the moat. I mean, it’s the escrow as I would have thought it would be.

I use the duck house as a key point. A landmark. Alongside it was the deep trench of the damn, where the beavers dug deep to bring the soil up on top of the dam. I followed it along to wear with tangle of trees and water from various locations, makes it Marci there.

I stood for sometime on the island that I used to stand on years ago when I was canoeing with beavers in there. The same island then I stood on before, gave me the same vantage point of the hillside. So close but yet so far.

It was so interesting to sit and look at the ditch of the dam. I’m glad I know whereThe motor is located in comparison to the elders and the marsh woods and the Marshwoods Hammocks and the Beaverdam Nguyet hillside. All of those things are so accessible now. I felt like I was pushing my way back into the unknown. It was so interesting to walk in the meadow that used to be theMarshwood Spond.

Tags: exploring the woods, marsh woods, streamwalk chairathon
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