Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Thursday Sedge Meadow

Heading to yoga, my car wouldn’t start so no yoga; however I took a walk to Sedge Meadow Nature Observatory where the hammock I was sitting on suddenly and silently split in half and down six inches I went.

We had lots of snow yesterday, so today Sedge Meadow looked nice. I liked watching the grass bend in the breeze. After the hammock broke. The hammock evidence. I was intrigued by the stream. I hadn’t been down here and sat for a very long time, so hadn’t looked at the Stream either.Yesterday when I was exploring in the Marshwood scum getting my bearings the present with the Marshwoods Hammocks 20 years ago. Things changed a lot. It’s very nice to be working on the north side of the stream, my stream of sans Stream walk sheriff on.I put a chair across the stream there yesterday. At least, I think it was in that spot. I sure would like to know the stream like the back of my hand. I’ll need to work on that. I love that I can walk in different places. I can explore again. I have to be so careful to not let my body go downhill again.

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