Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Friday morning pages

I loved having Mary Jane and Michael here.

Now that they are gone, there is nobody to focus on. I guess I could focus on Willem, but he’s usually pretty stationary. He’s either at his desk, or in the chair. Or working on the fire. But with Mary Jane, the world was wide open to us. We could hike across any hillside,

We would be able to follow our tracks back. As we drive this morning, and I look into the forests, it just bring brings it all back. All those hills, the rugged steep rocky hills, we are riddled with deer tracks. It was interesting to see that the easiest path was not always the one the deer tech. It seem like he preferred the one that was on the edge of the top. The one from which she could see the most. And they use that over and over.

I’ve been pondering how the Lord knew that those 130 something pages would be gone, 116, and and that the most spiritual story is the story of Lehi‘s family. When you have a story at the beginning of the book, it draws you in, and you want to keep reading.

And so, because he knew were earth life would be like, and the distractions of the world and how all consuming they are, he chose to put the most spiritual story at the beginning, or, as knowing the future, he knew that the beginning would be lost, the 116 pages, and so he had this awesome story up his sleeve to put in place. And so because we read it over and over from the beginning, every time life distractions finally subside, or we get a little stronger against them, and we start to read again. And so we start with this very spiritual story. We don’t start with the wars Or with the deep doctrines that

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