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Saturday all day

After staying up till four last night, after our drive home from the Temple, I slept in till about 9:30 I think, the house was so cold, I used Willem as a heater all night; It was -16 or something—The house got cold even though we left the heaters on, when the woodstove went out while we were at the temple, so the cold had started getting into the house.

It doesn’t take long when it’s really cold.

It’s amazing how warm I am if I put on my many layers right away when I get up.

Other people have to be close to the fire to get warm. But I just put on another layer if I’m cold, until I’m not cold anymore, and then I’m getting warm. It gives me the freedom to be in more parts of my house instead of having to stay close to the woodstove.

Moving firewood

So I stoked the woodstove, and puttered around. My knee has been hurting, so I’m not really able to go hiking much. In fact, I haven’t been down to the moat lately. I moved the wood that was stacked on the deck along the front yard.

I put two rows on the sled and slide it across the snow on the deck to the woodshed where I backed it in and then dumped it to the side, making the beginning of two rows to replaced what we have already used.

I shoved them a bit with my foot to make them sort of lineup better and then went back for another load. I did that six times, thereby illiminating the stack of firewood along the edge of the deck.

Wildlife feeders

I dragged the big rectangular table over and put it out in the yard for the birdfeeder to sit on and to feed the birds on.

I also took the round table from beside the house and slid it down to the end of the long Valley deck. I rearranged the trees that had all blown down, putting them back up along the fence to break the wind.

I have thought about how to hold them in place. I think perhaps a piece of wood in front of them all would help. Maybe I could zip tied it to the railing, and then zip tie each tree trunk to it.

I shovelled snow, just pushing it off the deck. . It had gotten very cold then warm so it’s been icey but today it got warm enough for things to melt a bit.

I tried to get all the chunks of ice off the tarp the had covered the wood, making sure none of the chunks of ice lay on the deck where they too would freeze into place.

Willem got up around 11:30, having gotten enough sleep, I guess. He came out and helped me move all the rest of the wood all the way along the deck to the clothesline pole.

He does such an accurate job with each piece of wood, making sure there’s no snow on it and putting it into the place, properly stacking it between the other logs, like a jigsaw puzzle making everything fit together.

I did the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen. I vacuumed the whole downstairs and tried to feng shui the Corners.

This auto dictate doesn’t really transcribe my words correctly, lots of editing needed.

I made oatmeal raisin cookies and filled the jar so that there are cookies when the children come.

Willem and I didn’t spend much time together. Willem gave a ride to town and brought back some supplies.

He also was able to find asparagus for $2.99 at giant tiger again. I suppose that sale ended on Saturday, so I was glad he was able to find a few more bags. It is such amazing asparagus!

Asparagus baking dish.

Once upon a time I made an asparagus dish at MERA. It was the first thing I made there. I couldn’t believe the amount of time I was supposed to spend on it making it just perfect.

Anyway, it was a handbuilt box for cooking asparagus. I had never used it. So now, after all these years, I was able to use it and cook my asparagus spears in the microwave.

The dish is amazing! There are usually two many asparagus to fit in the blue oblong box under the lid. So I just stack them up with the lid on top and as they cook the lid lowers and fits on the box. I was quite the effort to make that box so that it would all fit properly. Jane was working on pottery at the same time. Molly was our teacher.

Pottery studio

I miss my own pottery studio. I miss having it in the sunroom where I could just do it anytime. It would sure be nice to have my studio back again.

I was wondering if I could move my wheel into the new studio, and use my studio even though it’s not finished yet. There’s a lot that has to be done in there yet.

I can’t let the Clay freeze either. If I make something, and it freezes, I think it will ruin it. I don’t remember though. Perhaps if it’s already been leather hard and trimmed and then dries completely, then it’s okay for it to freeze I think.

I would have to keep the heater on down there in the studio if it’s below freezing. I liked putting the drying pots in front of the living room window.

Bible videos

I watched a bit of tv while he was gone. I foundthe Mormon channel on YouTube, there were 162 random Bible videos. There’most wonderful videos. I just loved watching them. They tell of stories in the scriptures that I’m not aware of. Christ coming to Paul and telling him where to go next. I watched a bunch of them along with the scriptures. They are so lovely!


I put my spinning wheel together and was going to start spinning as I watched, but as usual, I got sidetracked and didn’t.

I think I should get it going again, even if it’s just to ply these yarns together. I need to make another hook to pull my yarn back through. That’s why I stopped using it. But it’s in the living room by the chair, ready to be put to work!

Homespun mittens

These mittens that I have knitted , the second pair from my homespun yarn, are quite nice. They’re quite bumpy. I don’t really do a good job with tying the top of a mitten after I need it. I think that’s why I wanted to do top down mittens. I think I could do them now. I just have to do a bit more figuring.

Most of my socks, the 65 pairs of socks I made, or so, have holes in them. The heels have worn through. So they each need new heels. I thought perhaps the best way to do it is to make the new heal bigger so that this seem is not under my foot. I’m not quite sure how to do it yet.

I guess the best thing to do would be to weave through my socks on the other heels that are not broken, to reinforce them before they do break! I seem to have lost a lot of them already.

I started to snow in the evening. I shovelled and then came back and it was already as if I hadn’t shoveled.

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