Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today


In spite of my cough, I got all dressed and ready for church, and then Willem said he was sick and staying home.

We had four new inches of snow overnight, so Our Ln., Road and Highway, none of which were plowed, kept me from trying to do this myself and go. Instead, we sat in the living room and listen to videos about President Nelson, or not videos about him, but talks that he is given. I love that he is a doctor, Who knows so much about the human body, the temple where we each live. The more that goes wrong with my body, the more anatomy lessons I learned, and the more amazed I am by this amazing body that we have and how it can repair itself. I would like it to complete the repair itself and let me once again have my 20-year-old body so that I could actually do all the things I want to do!

We worked on the no was Ark 300 piece jigsaw puzzle in the living room in front of the woodstove. We brought the square little table out into the living room so that we could sit and work on the puzzle without being called in the new room.

I had a lovely chat with Daniel. I’m so glad he’s coming home for a few weeks. I have missed him. It’s nice talking to mom video though, it’s as good as being together actually, almost.

I gave them a tour of the 85 Christmas trees on the deck. He likes the fortes I’ve made with them. He said that I really should play, what’s the name of that Game? Age of empires? I forget. Anyway, or more wind. I think.

I was telling him how I can remember when I would sit on the back porch and put my keyboard through the window so that I could sit outside while I wrote in my journal. I couldn’t see my dick desktop monitor, though. He said, that made him realize how old he is getting, when he remembers things like that from so long ago. It wasn’t so long ago in my life, but more so in his. It’s that ageing thing again.

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