Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Let it snow

I have loved watching it snow today.

However, the temperature was warmer than I thought it was, so the snow was quite wet. It’s been raining in with the snow, I think.

When the temperature rose to zero, I figured Id better get out there and move all that snow before it freezes tonight and it is a solid block in the morning.

So I did. I did the lane and the deck, some of it and the moat d. I even went from the moat through on to the lower entrance. I thought that all the snow would fill the footprints around the moat, and obscure them, as they are several inches deep in what is now ice. Never walk on slush, unless it’s in the city was salt. Do you on here in the mode where it was slushy, or soft enough to make deep footprints one time last week, now those footprints are forever in there. The snowblower removed all the snow right down to that glare of the ice. So now I have to do with those footprints again. Darn

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