Ottawa Monday

I went to the seeker center and had a little chat with the doctor about why the 16 shots I got last time just made me hurt more.  It turns out that sympathetic nerves run along in the arteries.  Many things contract the veins and thereby mess up the flow of whatever in the body which causes pain somewhere.  So these are spots where the feel is rough instead of smooth.  I don't understand it but I did feel what he was talking about on my neck.  Interesting pain medicine.  

So he gave me 16 more needles in those spots and said not to shrink away from the pain, but just feel it, relax into it.  Strange words.  He says to breathe in and then poke the needle in, then as I exhale he releases the medication.  Strange, too.

I hope it works.  The body is a mysterious thing.  So these injections are nerve blockers which turn off the sympathetic nervous system.  He thinks there was so much pain last time because i have inflamation from the former infections in the jaw bones.  So he poked me twice in my mouth.  I could feel a ball that he ran his gloved finger over in looking for the spot to inject.  That's where he poked it.  Strange technique.  But it's covered by OHIP, so I'll take it!

Afterwards I went over to play with my son's son.  Api got everything ready as I'd called ahead.  We sat at the kitchen table and painted.  It's been a long time since i've painted a picture!  

We played chase and had a tea party.  He loves tea parties.  I can't believe he is already 2! He was excited to see me, Api said.  He was explaining all the things that I have to do between turning into the driveway and coming to sit at the table beside him!  So sweet!


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