Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today


I have moved puttering around this morning.

I’m babysitting for the children this afternoon, so Willem and I had to go pick up the car which I loaned to Lida while she was at home.

I shovelled a little bit on the lip on the deck, but I love most of it there for doesn’t use for shovelling when he comes over.

I got my spinning we are going, and have lied about being full. There are so many pieces that fell apart in the yard. I guess they were months in it.

I have been good doing a good job of stretching my money. I have a $for how much I can spend every day, or I can save it up and buy something bigger, like more groceries.

So far, I have only spent three days out of nine days worth of money. It’s an interesting sing to do, to budget by the day.

I love my chiropractor. She is so goodGot an activator machine, which she uses to adjuster look vertebrae.

We just sit at the table or chair and you lean forward, and she touches you with so device and it adjusts each vertebrae. Anyway, my back is much better than it was a week ago, I hope my knee gets better.

My knee has become my biggest problem. I have a hard time walking on level ground, but I think that I can do some climbing, I’m not sure why climbing will be easier than working. Siri sa that I am on the verge of losing my knee. I have to stop with anything that has milk or sugar or flour in it. Those things are what is causing me so much pain, I think.

The doctor at the supercenter must also think so, because on his weekly form you have to fill out, he asked if you have done in a stretching and if you have done and he will hundred percent of gluten. So I’m going to do that.

When I have terrible new problems in Waterloo back in the 80s giving up milk let my knee stop hurting. It was so bad when I would walk, and only a certain spot was not painful. Should pass through a painful spot every time I bend it. That’s when I used to bicycle ride. Do you supposed to go riding have been long gone.d.

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