Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Wed morning Pages

Even though it’s snowing beautifully, I think I’m bummed out.

My knee hurts when I walk to the bathroom! Very depressing!

I have been off sugar and gluten for one day. I gotta get rid of this pain and inflammation the sugar caused. So much trouble trying to prepare for our AT hike in ten years! I can’t hike much st all

I found out something fascinating about my neck at the chiro yesterday. So I’ve been trying all night to keep my neck straight and flat.

That’s why my shoulder and neck hurt and why I can’t breathe deeply, sometimes. I lay of her flat table with ice, but turned my head slightly to dictate in my journal as I lay there. When she righted the table I couldn’t catch my breath. The diaphragm is related to the neck. Just simply that much twist for fifteen minutes did that. So I’m trying to keep my neck straight. No bending it down all the time to check my phone.

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