Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Friday. Daniels home!

Of course, that said, this where he grew up, he doesn’t consider home, but where Ben lives.

He’s been living there for many years, well he went to school, when he was in between apartments, between trips abroad. Anyway, it’s so exciting that he’s back!

I wish I weren’t sick! I would head off today to see him. In fact, when will the milk up this morning and I told him Daniel had landed, he said oh well will have to go to Ottawa today and see him. And I reminded him that we both are very sick. The last thing Daniel needs on his three weeks at home, Is to get sick.

I haven’t been over to see Scarlet‘s go out lately. I should be going over there frequently. My life seems to be kind of busy. My knee is bad now so I haven’t been going for walks which used to take up my mornings. The snow that’s here 8 inches, is certainly prompting me not to go out in it. I walked around on the deck a few times, but all my foliage on the garden deck,

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