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Friday Scarletts’s pine tea

On Friday and Saturday, scarlett encouraged me to come over and watch deer, birds and baby Bruno the bottle fed goat.

It was hard to get myself to the car, but once I’d lain on couches along the way, I managed to get there,

I had fun with her. We sat and listened to burl ives’ children songs on Friday evening, trying to see if memories popped up from them. We laughed a lot.

She baked scones on the woodstove. I didn’t have any as I quit wheat and sugar to make the pain go away.

She has a big pot of white Pine tea on the stove. It boosts your immune system. They haven’t been sick since they started drinking it.

I was never sick in the past, but I’m getting sick constantly this winter. So I drank her honey sweetened tea all day on Friday and Saturday.

On Saturday morning my sinuses emptied, but looked bacterial instead of clear. Perhaps the tea had been successful.

At home I lay around in the upper room watching news from all over the world on Aljazeera. I learned so much. I found that it wasn’t slanted like the rest of the news industry.

We sat outside in the woods enjoying the snow and the deer and birds.

On Sunday she brought over some needles and made me red pine tea with maple syrup.

I drank it thruout the rest of the day, then made some more on Monday. I’m hoping to improve my immune system and get healthy.

Tags: bruno, herbal remedies, scarlett
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