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I finally feel healthy!

I am so glad that flu or cold or combination finally went away. Last week was really difficult. I spent the whole week laying on the couch upstairs watching television. Netflix and YouTube.

I did watch a lot of documentaries, but a lot more of mystery programs.

I got up early today, 630, because I was doing in my thoughts. I came outside and watch the sunrise, or the Dawn, and wondered about the two raccoons who had turned on the automatic light last night as they walked across the deck. That was really strange to see, in the middle of the night. I noticed the light outside was flashing, and wondered if I should go down and turn it off. So I stood and looked out the window over the roof, and realize that it was flashing because there was movement outside.

Two giant raccoon shadows moved across the edge of the deck

So I have been cleaning all morning. I have had a wonderful time vacuuming and vacuuming and sorting and putting away. It looks much better now. I like it when my house is really clean. But I don’t like it to be really clean every minute. There has to be some living time in there too!

I want to rearrange the entrance room. I’m not sure how I want it, but it’s not quite right yet.

It’s nice that all the little tables are clear now. I like vacuuming the floor. It really is therapeutic sometimes. Are used to clean the house when I was upset. But today I think I was just energetic.

I watered all the plants and realize that all day Narcissis bulbs have sprouted and are several inches high. Perhaps it’s time to put them in the sun. They’re on the north side of the house at the moment.

It is above freezing today and will be all week. I hope the people doing maple syrup get there spirals in and make use of all this warmer weather.

I finally made up bed in the downstairs bedroom. It is so much nicer to have it made up in there. I have to do some fission straw in there.

Elijah came over this morning with the children. She was out early, and made my day by stopping by. We had so much fun, me and the kids and her. I just love being around them. They’re so sweet. And I’m glad they like my house! I moved all the furniture so Jasmine could run from one end of the house all the way to the other. He made it in nine seconds. Or maybe it was seven. Yes seven was the first time.

I am so blessed! I don’t deserve a 10th of what I have. I have been blessed over the years and so many many ways. I’m so grateful that I have five cheapies. I know, who cares about about having a TP! But you know, I never waited for someone else to build me a GP. I never waited for somebody else to give me money to buy a cheapie. I figured out how I was going to do it for free and I did it. I pulled trees out of the woods and took the branches off. I have been very blessed to be able to get what I want. But I had to work for everything. Things didn’t just materialize or happen. New

I love my jack. I love all the spots where I can sit. I have several codesAt the moment. However, the roof ice just fell off and is on top of the deck, in frozen state. I suppose it will melt this week. That will be good.

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