Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today


I went to church in Kingston. It was so nice to see Corliss, Carma and my dear friend from Stratford days, Lena. I even saw Christine Meyers! I haven’t seen her since I was married to husband #1!

I enjoyed the terrain, the lakes and ponds and hills and valleys and forests! Rocks and trees and water. God’s country.

I stopped to drop off S’s mail and see her baby goat. He jumps all over the place!

I arrived home just having missed the family! I could see evidence of their visit. I felt sad I missed them.

I walked around on the deck several times, avoiding the uneven ice where I didn’t clear the deck after the snow slid off the roof and turned to ice a week ago during the freezing rain when church was cancelled.

Willem and I watched his favourite show again. Death in paradise.

Tags: #1, church, winter
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