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Nancy Today

Daniel Day.

I went to.

my secret centre appointment this morning for 9 o’clock. That was a real challenge for me! I got up very early and showered and was out of the house by 7:15, I think. I wasn’t sure how long it would take me with the traffic.

I was there an hour early, somehow. I don’t understand how I did that. Or maybe it was a half an hour. Anyway

He gave me probably 60 needles again today. He did some wild massaging of my shoulder. Last time he did my neck. Or maybe it was my job. Today, he worked on my shoulder and really rotated in all directions without my having to do any work. It was very interesting, and my shoulder was so loose after he was done for five minutes. I mean, just five minutes to make my shoulder amazing.

He didn’t put any needles in my knees! I was glad of that because it had been hurting before. After giving up sugar and gluten, my pain level is much lower.

I got to visit Daniel around 1030, and had a wonderful time. He told me all about his life Nam. I hadn’t realized the different places he had been, and the places he had lived. I really have enjoyed his videos he sent me over the last five months while he’s been gone. It was so nice to have them back, and talk to him.

He’s much older now. He’s much more mature, and has more adult thoughts, compared to before. It’s interesting to watch my children grow into manhood and womanhood. They certainly are independent people their own thoughts and aspirations and accomplishments. It was wonderful to get to know Daniel some more.

I hope they hadn’t stayed too long, but we had some really great stuff we did. He’s into virtual reality now. I got to put it on my head and be in space. However, I have no idea how to control anything, so things are just happening around me. It was rather interesting though. It’s the first time I have used virtual reality.

I really was amazed that when that nice planet was spinning around us, as of course it’s not me that moves but the universe around me, the light shone in our spaceship from above when the planet was below us! Why?

I think it’s so cool that Daniel enjoys what life has to offer. He so positive, the world is at his fingertips. He can do anything he wants. He saved enough that he can take a year off. That’s really cool. He has things he wants to accomplish during this time.

I love that he is enjoying Vietnam. I love the Vietnamese people. I told him when I come to visit I’ll stop in and ask if I can ride his moped, I mean borrow! Life is to be lived!

I would love to do a virtual reality tour of the underground world in Vietnam. Maybe their stuff like that on Netflix. Maybe I could find documentary on Vietnam.

It’s interesting the government from his point of view. You know, when the Vietcong one against the South Vietnamese, it became communist rule. But that only lasted for long enough for everybody to get poor, and now it’s just like anywhere else, only it does have a communist government. But it’s free, free communism, instead of like the iron curtain.

Maria brought Zane home while we were there, but he was asleep and went straight to bed. I never got to see him at all. Ben and Tas had been there and went out to eat. It was need to be hanging out at Ben‘s.

Around two, I figured I had probably been there long enough. It would be another two hours till Zane woke up, so I would probably be better off to go home.

I took the expressway all the way from Ben’s house, and have a wonderful drive home. It was like a flight, instead of a drive. There were many cars going very fast, but nowhere near as many cars as this morning during rush hour

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