Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

More time with family

Willem had an appointment in Ottawa, so we dropped over to visit with family.

It was nice for dad to be together with his globe trotting son again before he flies away again.

Little grandson is adorable. I liked giving him the change I found on his driveway, likely what he was playing with in the car one day. He was grateful to have it back.

He is really talking now. He is clear and precise with the placement of all his words in coherent sentences. It’s amazing.

They also had appointments, so we all went our ways. I got to meet some new friends on my shopping excursion while his appointment was going on.

My cell was dead, so I couldn’t be notified when he was done. I was only ten minutes late in rush hour!

I think I have gotten acquainted with many parts of Ottawa cos our family/famlies have lived in many areas of the city.

We went back over so Dad and Dan could have some visiting time! Bens really done a lot on ha basement. It’s all quite a big job to finish an unfinished basement, especially the size of theirs. It’s bigger than my parents’ was. Is.

We came home after grandson’s bedtime. Ben made biryana or some such spicy chicken over rice.

I love being with all of those guys! I’m such a lucky grandma!

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