Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Amazing morning walk

I watched the pileated woodpecker from Sedge meadow Tipi hammock.

He has two very large holes in the new hydro pole he was given a number of years ago. I heard him and looked up but didn’t see him. Then a little while later I saw his head sticking out. He was looking all around at me as I readjusted the hammock in the TP.

I remembered watching him and his babies over the years. I wondered if I should film him, but my phone died as usual, so I didn’t get any pictures of so many amazing things this morning. I did get a few, however.

I got through the alders. I need to go back down with my red handled clippers, my Green ones have disappeared completely, and cut all those alders that are obstructing the path now.

The scene through the alders is still a blank pallet waiting for the sun and spring to colour it all in.

It was a long relaxing walk through the alders and beneath the tamaracksand past the crumbling picnic table, past the dam and the canoe and between so many leaning Alder sticks to Sedge Meadow tipi. I love walking through the stream alders. I had many nice experiences in those woods today. It must’ve taken me over an hour to go to the bridge. It was about -7 Celsius, and cloudy. There was a bit of light from the sun having risen, but the clouds were pretty thick.

I sat looking at this rather colourless scene, interested in the tiny black spruce trees that are growing amongst them. I love Timely Rest. It’s a lovely fpot, part of the Naderlands Doorp community.

I sat in a few chairs and in a few hammocks, each having to be readjusted to make sure it was safe. I liked being beneath the white cedars, and again in the hammock by the variegated Japanese willow that never grew.

I wonder how to get the frank and Mary rescued canoe out from beside the stream where the Stream people pulled it.

I’m so glad it’s out of the stream, but it’s lying at or Just by the tops of all the fallen Cedars that bridge across the stream. It’s in the way and hard to get around and unusable where it lives at the moment!

I should probably make a good bridge there using Deck boards. I’ll have to see if I can manage something like that, or if the trees are close enough or not.

Part of the Streamwalk chairathon, One springy cushioned office chair was tipped over and frozen in the ice. A white plastic chair, the large kind, Was in the water. The next cushion chair was good to sit in. A white plastic chair near the woods it’s also a good spot, where I scared a grouse away. There I sat with my feet on grouse scats, old stuff.

My red shoes were my walking companions, ready to use should conditions be too icy. I finally needed them after sitting in Jopi Tipi and trying to investigate the sometimes waterfall which was the slipperiest surface my knee ever contacted!

I marvelled at the black spruce trees growing at the edge of alder clumps. They always seem to be in the thickest part. I wonder if that’s the easiest place for them to grow, Or if I should cut the alders back out of the way to give those black spruce trees an opportunity for sunshine and growth.

I watched a fisher from the ridge of the island ring. Naderlands island ring Ridge. I walked the ridge all the way around the top, and the outer shelf or deck all the way around the outside of the island, and inside Ring Ridge in the flat low land, the Naderlands on the island. Cattails grew in thick ice. Actually, the ice was from the latest melting.

The water that ran down the hill, this sometimes Stream waterfall, run off waterfall in dead man’s run, was yellow and turned the pond yellow. It also went to the side and got caught where it always does. I need a good name for that area, run off pond or something. I walked around looking for the indigo Bunting nest, but couldn’t find it in those bushes. On the island deck, I discovered a patch of yearling red ozier Dogwood shoots. They look so beautiful!

I found three or four places where I would like to put chairs on the island deck. I am going to answer level the top of the ridge. I think I will use my cutlass like I did in Jamaica. I think I will plant potatoes on the top sides of the ridge as soon as I knock that top off of the bumps. I would like to have the Bacot come in and do the work, but I don’t know how much that would cost. How much is it worth to me to have a flat Ridge on the top, as well as the pretty level deck around the edge of the ridge on the edge of the moat.

There are three escapes from inside the ring out to the moat. One is on an angle, reminding me of an igloo opening. The other two have alder bushes in them as well as a few deer tracks.

The thing about my journey on the island today, is that I never have explored it yet. It was created between my surgeries, so I still had very bad hips. Actually, I think it was before my first hip replacement surgery.

So I was never in physically fit enough condition to explore that rugged terrain. The terrain on the inside of the ridge is covered in till six Sage, those clumps the trip you when you try to walk between them, and cat tails. There are three dead trees, which are just the trunks now. There are four alders, I believe. There are two bird houses, one of which is full of paper wasps. The other one is full of a Birdsnest, but I can’tCan’t open the pin to take the nest out yet, because it’s frozen.

When I saw the Fisher, I had been on the island deck near the bridge, but when I saw the movement I quickly hurry to the top of the ridge where I could see from where I could watch him run between the alders toward the stream in the marsh woods. How fascinating! I wonder if he’s the same one I saw 20 years ago! I wonder if I would see more if I spent more time there. From the top of the ridge as I walked around it the firs, I noticed how much higher I was there in the surrounding terrain. This stuff beyond the moat, the Marshwood. It’s amazing to be so close to the marsh woods and up so high and see down into it. I don’t think I would’ve seen the Fisher if not for being way up there.

I kept wondering if they were deer standing on the hillside watching me. I tried hard to study for them, and try to analyze the slopes I could see from the various angles as I walked one step at a time around the ridge.

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