It froze rain all morning, then it rained.  The sometimes waterfall, the one down Dead Man's Run, is treacherous.  It's really appropriately named as Dead Man's Run.  Or perhaps Dead Man's Sometimes Waterfall.  

It running for a fifth day today.  It's so loud!  I stood by each corner of the deck to hear it running.  I was amazed at how loud it was.  I even went down to the studio and watched it from in there for awhile. It was ice cold in there, so I opened the door, the two windows and the sliding glass door.  The wind whipped right through, warming it up with the above freezing temperature today.

I watched the waterfall, completely amazed that I have a roaring waterfall right beside the house!  Just beside the studio in the valley.  I can walk along the deck 14' above it and look down on it and hear all the rocks tripping the water in so many notes and tones.  A symphony of water falling.  Just beautiful.  

Low and behold, the sun came out!  Such a change from the ice crystals piled on the roof and the icicles from the ridge cap!  It was the type of cold dreary rainy day that just doesn't end till sometime in the middle of the night when the stars come out that you can't see because you're asleep.  It's the kind of lifeless, gotta stay inside all day or you'll get wet and cold and sick.  It imprisons you!  So when the sun came out, I came alive.  I sat on the balcony out of the wind and apricated my face.  It felt so good.

I put in my hearing aids and listened to the sound of Dead Man's Sometimes Waterfall.  I had tidied up the boards that were on the waterfall or beside it.  It's so much nicer now that everything is put away and tidy around the edge of the studio at the ground level.  There are some leaks in the roof of the studio.  The Ice and Rain sheild isn't pressed down well enough at the seams over the beams beneath the deck boards.  I guess that will have to be done.  I will have to do these things.  No longer will I be waiting for others to do the work for me.

I walked down the road to the Doorp and then to the end of Dead Man's Sometimes Waterfall and investigated where it goes when it gets to that point.  It runs beneath the snow, but is nowhere to be found!  It may or may not run into Fiddlehead Pond, but it certainly fills up usually empty Runoff Pond in the Ash Grove between the old well, the sumac hill, hairy woodpecker hillside, Kingfisher Lane and the edge of the steep unpaved road.

The sun was shining on Doorp Island, so I went over to sit in a chair and appreciated the sun and perhaps apricate as well.  I walked to The Spillway where the moat overflows the ring road at the Marsh Woods.  The view was lovely from there.  The Fisher's tracks had disappeared in the ever widening dents all the tracks had all become.

I realized my chair was inside Alder Tipi, where I didn't want to visit at the moment, since the sun was out, so I headed over to the lower bridge and hung the chair in the tree so the floodwaters won't take it away, and sat in the green plastic adirondack chair on the outside of the stream's curve, beneath the shady alder bushes overhead.

It was so nice to sit and read Spanish grammar and feel like I was in mexico again, then look up and see the black stream winding through the white snow or ice covered stream banks.  Such a lovely view, but no camera working once again!

I moved to the homemade metal bench swing by Serenity Dippity Pond and apricated in the sun for another while.  I heard a loud crash, like a metal I-beam falling on a cement floor.  Very loud.  Then after awhile, I heard it again.  No idea what it was.

So I came up the hill, grateful again for my crocks that stick to the ice!


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